New Music
​The NPR segment “Composers Datebook” reminds us daily that “all music was once new.” It is along this vein that we formed a permanent faculty New Music Ensemble at the Charleston Academy of Music (CAM).

Our impetus comes from an observation that new music does not enjoy the same prominence as earlier music in Charleston. Different arts groups scatter few premieres and late 20th-century works across their performing season. The result is that audiences in Charleston rarely encounter such works, and students have less access to new music. 

The CAM New Music Ensemble will remedy that by a series of regular concerts and educational discussions. 

The performers include the forming members Patrick Boyle, Stephanie Chevalier, Anna Galura, Terry Muir, and Chee-Hang See. Guest musicians from the area will be invited to complement the ensemble specific to the music performed. 

In the coming months, we are also seeking to commission works written specifically for the ensemble. We aim to become the leading ensemble in Charleston in pioneering new trends of music. 

Upcoming Events:
September 2016 - Parlor Concert at Folly Beach
29 January, 2017 - Charleston Music Club concert at Franke at Seaside
February 2017 - Parlor Concert at Daniel Island

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