New Music
The NPR segment "Composers Datebook" reminds us that "all music was once new". It is with this thought that the Eclipse Ensemble was formed at the Charleston Academy of Music. Our creation comes from the observation that there are not enough performances of contemporary classical premieres and late 20th-century works for a city of Charleston's size and cultural capital. Audiences rarely get to enjoy the exciting wealth of music written in the last 100 years, and young Charleston musicians in particular are missing out on exposure to music that is especially relevant to this day and age.

Comprised of Charleston-based artist-educators, the Eclipse Ensemble fosters awareness and appreciation for modern classical music. Performers in the Ensemble include Patrick Boyle (piano), Stephanie Chevalier (Voice), Tacy Edwards (Flute), Anna Galura (Violin), Terry Muir (Cello), Chee-Hang See (Piano), and Christian Zamora (Violin), and we regularly collaborate with other musicians to share exciting modern pieces of music for a variety of audiences. We are also excited to premiere new works by living composers such as Tim Corlis and Charleston-based Ulyana Machneva, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with and provide opportunities for today's composers to have their unique voices heard.

Upcoming Events:
June 4, 2018, 6:00p.m. at Charleston Library Society - All Bernstein Program for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival Spotlight Concert 

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