Music Cafe
[At Music Café] everyone supports everyone else no matter where they are in their journey.
Sharon Hinnant, piano student at CAM.

Susan McAdoo, piano teacher at CAM and Music Café organizer, relates the history of Music Café, what it means to her and to the students:

Q. What is Music Café and how did it start?
A. Music Café started back in 2004. I had several adult students at the time who were not really getting the full experience of studying piano - taking a piece to a performance level. It's nearly an automatic assumption that a child taking lessons will play a recital at some point, but for the adults, many who were returning to lessons after a 20 or 30 years hiatus, playing a recital was a little too nerve-wracking. I wanted to find a way for them to play in front of each other that was comfortable and fun. Thus, Music Café was born.

Q. Tell us about the last Music Café.
A. The last Café was Dec. 3rd at Kay Wheeler's house. My generous students and friends open up their homes for Café, which creates a lovely, casual and nurturing environment in which to share music. Music with friends and family - what could be better! I write in each invitation the following reminder: Everyone is expected to bring something to share - either musical or edible. What results is a wonderful pot-luck of food and wine, friends and of course music!

Q. What is your role with Music Café?
A. My role at Café is organizer, teacher, cheer-leader, performer. I send out an invitation about a week ahead of time to my steadily growing list of Café friends - many of whom are just listeners and supporters. My students play at Café, so during the weeks prior we prepare for the casual performance in our lessons. During Café, after one of the adults has played, I'm thrilled to celebrate their success and cheer on their continued efforts. I'm so impressed with their bravery and willingness to share – they are such amazing people! Finally, I too perform at Café. It's important for me to be a role model for my students - just as many of my great performer-teachers were for me.

Q. Who participates?
A. The participants are adult music students and teachers, and other music lovers from the community. At a typical Café, one might hear a handful of student performers and then a faculty member perform at the end.

Q. How can one join?
A. Up to this point, Café has spread by word of mouth. If you would like to be on my email invitation list, please contact me at: