Honors Program

In 2005, we started the Honors Program supported by the Coastal Community Foundation, SC Arts Commission and private donors. This allowed us to recognize talented youth from Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. The Honors Program scholarship students receive private lessons as well as Theory classes and Chamber Music ensemble classes. Their achievements have been phenomenal. Honors Program students have won local, state and national competitions and two students were accepted to the Governor’s School in Greenville, SC.

CAM Honors Program students have proven that with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude their dreams and goals are not too far out of reach. Gary Washington was a part of the first CAM Honors Program, receiving a full scholarship. It was difficult for Gary’s family to support his musical pursuit, and even with all the cards stacked against him Gary never gave up. He was one of the two students accepted to the Governor’s School in Greenville in the Fall 09 where his inspirational story caught the attention of the local media.

Previous CAM Honors Program students include Micah McLaurin who studied under renowned pianist, Enrique Graf, and Nick Bentz who studied with Charleston Symphony's Concertmaster Yuriy Bekker. Micah and Nick were accepted to the Curtis Institute and Peabody Institute respectively with full scholarships this year.

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