Eunjoo Yun, charismatic musician and educator, created the Charleston Academy of Music (CAM) in 2003. She was supported by the generosity of Charles Fox of Fox Music House, who donated work space and instruments.

Since 2003, CAM has shown remarkable growth, each year expanding its reach to include more students (currently over 200 students are served through the various programs), more instruments, more activities and more performance venues. Through our Academic Program, in addition to superior musical instruction by established and world-renowned educators, our students enjoy many opportunities for performance and additional musical experiences such as masterclasses and workshops. Our Honors Program allows exceptional students to attend CAM at partial or no cost to their families, whereas our Orchestra Program at various local public schools, supported by grants in its entirety, brings classical music to diverse and underserved communities of the Lowcountry. The program is inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema, which is considered by many to be the most successful music education project in the world. Through this unique orchestra, we have been able to reach communities who do not have the opportunity to come in contact with classical music. New programs and ensembles are introduced every year to better serve the community and its people, enriching the lives of everyone in the Lowcountry. 

Charleston Academy of Music is now under the leadership of Executive Director, Dr. Irina Pevzner. Looking into the future, we count on our students to be our ambassadors; they will keep our mission alive and carry on our legacy of excellence and access when they in turn become musicians, educators and lifelong advocates of classical music.